Closing our skiboots the easy way!

Temporarily still available at €12.95 incl VAT.

buckling up our skiboots the easy way

It remains an issue for many of us to close the top two buckles of our skiboots ourselves. With this clever tool exerting a lot of force in an awkward position to get this done is something from the past.

The E-ClicK® or E(asy)-ClicK® reduces the required force by a third.

The perfect tool for all types and brands of skiboots.

Do it the easy way! 


Ideal for the kids as well.

Comfortable for both parents and children! 


Gloves on?

Not a single problem!

This is why we use the E-ClicK®!

The comparable available tools in the market are not suitable for the complete range of skiboots and seem to be developped for a limited number of skiboot buckles. For different types of boots and buckles you require different tools: not clever!

The E-ClicK® fits all brands of skiboots and buckles.


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