General terms & conditions

General terms and conditions VOF Crescendo (to be called C), Bolwerk Noord 53, 4611 DR Bergen op Zoom, NL Chamber of Commerce: 67816037 VAT no: NL 0085718480


1.     Offers and conclusion of agreements.

·      Prices mentioned on C’s internet site can be changed by C.

·      An agreement is concluded at the moment when C has received the amount owed and the purchase order form.

·      A purchase order can only be sent to C by using a purchase order form located on the website.


2.     Guarantee

·      The E-ClicK® is covered by a 5-year warranty, which means immediate replacement if it breaks. The costs for shipping are borne by C.

·      A warranty period to be agreed upon applies to other goods.


3.     Payment.

·      Orders are delivered after receipt of full payment unless otherwise agreed.

·      In the case of delivery on account, a payment term of no later than 10 days after the invoice date applies. C reserves the right to demand (partial) payment in advance if the order amount gives cause to do so in C’s opinion.

·      If the buyer has not fulfilled his payment obligation on the due date, he is immediately in default without notice of default being required. In that case, the buyer is liable for all damage suffered and yet to be suffered by C.


4.     Retention of title.

·      The goods delivered by C, insofar as they have not yet been paid, remain the property of C and can be reclaimed at any time.


5.     Delivery and delivery times.

·      The delivery times stated by C will apply as best efforts obligations unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

·      The delivery times specified by C commence at the moment when the fully completed order form has been received by C and the payment obligations have been met.

·      As soon as the products to be delivered have been delivered to the buyer at the destination, the risk of those products transfers to the buyer.

·      If the buyer requests that the delivery of products take place in a manner other than the usual way, C is entitled to charge the additional costs associated the buyer.

·      Goods received must be checked by the consignee immediately after receipt for quality and any damage and completeness and, where appropriate, must report this in writing within 24 hours of receipt. The buyer and seller then consult to find a suitable solution.

·      If for whatever reason the buyer is not satisfied with the products delivered by C, he is entitled to return the products concerned, in proper packaging, within a period of 10 days after purchase. Costs for returning are at the expense of the buyer. C will credit the purchase amount to the buyer within 10 days.


6.     General obligations and responsibilities.

·      C accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of the sold item by buyer. Except for the obligations arising from the guarantee, C is never obliged to pay any compensation to the buyer and/or others, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the seller.

·      The buyer is obliged to indemnify C against all claims from third parties.


7.     Force majeur.

·      If C cannot fulfill its obligations due to force majeure, those obligations will be suspended for the duration of the force majeure situation.

·      If the force majeure situation has lasted 14 days, the buyer has the right to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part by means of a written statement, with the right to a refund of the amount paid by the buyer.


8.     Applicable law and treaties.

·      Dutch law applies to the transactions entered into with C and the Zeeland-West-Brabant District Court has jurisdiction to hear the claim.

·      These terms and conditions replace the general terms and conditions previously filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Breda.




Adopted 19-12-2021 in Bergen op Zoom, NL, filed in Breda at the Chamber of Commerce on 19-12-2021

Crescendo v.o.f,

Company’s main seat: 
Bolwerk Noord 53
4611 DR Bergen op Zoom
KVK: 67816037
BTW nr: NL 00857184805B01