Question about the E-CLICK®?

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Of course! After all, convenience serves manhood. Whether you are big, small, strong, less strong, child, woman, a bit older, in all cases the E-ClicK® offers extra comfort when closing the ski boot. So buy one quickly!
If they can adjust their shoes themselves without any problem or if you are around all day to loosen or tighten the closures on request, then the E-ClicK® is not immediately necessary. However, if you want them to tighten the buckles properly independently, that is, without your help, then an E-ClicK® is a wonderful tool. It makes them independent and which child doesn’t want that? Instruct them in the correct use of the E-ClicK®: not too tight and not too loose.
Deliveries are made from stock. Delivery within the Netherlands: 1 to 2 working days, Eu: 3-5 working days, outside EU 5 – 10 working days (depending on customs clearance).
Fixed selling price is € 12,95 incl VAT. Request for special conditions for associations, groups and larger numbers.
Let us know, preferably by e-mail, how or what and we will ensure that your order will be re-delivered. 
Yes! During the development of the E-ClicK® we aimed to bring a universally applicable tool to the market, both for older types of buckles aswell as for the newest in the market. 
Let us know, preferably with some photos and of course with information about the shoe and we will refund your purchase amount, excluding shipping costs, to your account. You may keep the E-ClicK®.
From stock, the E-ClicK® is available in blue, green, red, black and yellow. Other colours are possible on request for larger runs but take a deliverytime.
In principle, the E-ClicK® lasts a lifetime and will never break under normal conditions/use. In the unlikely event that this happens, let us know what the reason was and we will send you a new copy free of charge if you appear in our customer database.
We also supply B2B and can print the E-ClicK®, depending on your wishes, with your company logo in full color, with a deep or imprint message. Inquire about the possibilities!

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