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Roger and Marius, both avid skiers, together form a small and driven team who between them have found an innovative and universal solution to easily fasten ski boots.

Our SkiBootFix was developed in the Netherlands and is also produced in the Netherlands; this affordable invention is now sold worldwide to enthusiastic users via our webshop

We are also happy to deliver b2b; ask about our favourable terms.

A small tool that makes (skiing) life even more fun for lots of people!

It remains a challenge for many of us; fastening our ski boots properly. Above all the two upper buckles can require so much force to fasten them that we cannot do it without a little help from our family or friends.

This handy tool offers a friendly solution. The leverage of the SkiBootFix ensures that very little force is needed to fasten the buckles, Easy.

No, but it is the best.

Tools for fastening Ski boots have been around for a long time, but most are designed for just one or a limited number of buckle types. This means you need different tools for different brands of boots and buckle types. Certainly not very convenient, especially if you hire your boots…

With the SkiBootFix you can get the job done in one go, it is guaranteed to fit 99% of the available buckles!!!

How nice would it be if, after a short instruction from their parents, they could fasten their ski boots themselves?

Not dependent on parents, bigger sisters/brothers or teachers… how cool is that!

Releasing your buckles without taking off your gloves is normally virtually impossible. With the SkiBootFix, you can keep your gloves on and still open your buckles without any problems.

The set retail price is € 16.25 incl. VAT Ask for special conditions for clubs, groups and larger quantities

Generally, the SkiBootFix is used in temperatures around freezing or even below, temperatures at which many plastics become brittle and can break.

After extensive testing, a fibreglass-filled nylon type was chosen in consultation with plastics experts.

In principle, the SkiBootFix lasts a lifetime and will never break under normal use. In the unlikely event that it does break, please let us know what caused it and we will send you a new one free of charge if you are in our customer database.

Let us know, preferably with some photos and of course details of the boot, and we will refund your purchase price, excluding shipping costs, to your account immediately. You may keep the SkiBootFix.

We also deliver b2b and can print the SkiBootFix, according to your wishes, with your company logo in full colour, provided with a rotogravure or imprint message. Ask about the possibilities!

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