About the E-ClicK®

Your new friend at the top of the slopes!

It remains a challenge for many of us; proper closing of our ski boots. Especially closing the two top buckles may require so much force, that we do not manage to do so without a little help from our family or friends.

This handy tool offers a friendly solution. The lever motion of the E-ClicK® converts relatively little force into the required action, very E(asy)-ClicK®

Tools for closing the ski boot have been around for some time, why then this E-ClicK®? The answer is clear. The available tools in the market seem to be designed for one or only a limited number of buckle types. This means that you would need different tools for different shoe brands and buckle-types. Indeed not very handy if you rent your boots….. With the E-ClicK® you are ready in one go, it will fit, guaranteed, 99% of the available buckles!!

A solution for children as well!

How nice would it be if they were able, after a short instruction from their parents, to close their boots themselves? Not being dependant on parents, bigger sisters/brothers or teachers….. Awsome!

Not only for closing your skiboots

Loosening your buckles without taking off your gloves is fairly impossible. Taking off your gloves however may destroy your carefully manicured nails while opening the buckles. With the E-ClicK® you can keep your gloves on and still open the buckles without any problem.

The history of the E-ClicK®

Design of the buckles

Because of the multitude of shapes of the buckles and the limitations of the available tools in the market, it was the intention of the inventors of the E-Click® to develop a tool that could handle every type of buckle and that was easy to store in the pocket of a coat. The imaging of all these different types of buckles has of course required a lot of research.

Product design

In order to create an attractive and easy-to-handle tool in combination with the universal character, contact was sought with an industrial design engineer who proved to be able to convert the final shape with a few pencil marks. Armed with this preliminairy design, various prototypes were made by 3D printing. With these prototypes   practical tests were carried out, resulting in the shape of the current E-ClicK®.

Choice of production method

In consultation with a Dutch plastics producer, it was subsequently determined that a solid and reliable product could be delivered at acceptable costs with the injection moulding process. This was of course followed by the process of having the mould designed and produced for this purpose. The choice was made for a mould in which 2 E-ClicK®’s are produced at the same time. If you look closely, you will see a 1 or a 2 on your copy to indicate from which side of the mould they come from.

Choice of material

In the meantime, trials had also started for the choice of material. In general, the E-ClicK® is used at temperatures around the freezing point or even below it, temperatures where many plastics become brittle and can break. In consultation with experts in the field of plastics, a fiberglass-filled nylon type was chosen.

And then?

And suddenly it was there: the Skiboot Closing Aid  E-Click®️.
Enjoy and…….. spread the word!

The E-ClicK® is for sale @ € 12.95 incl VAT at the better winter sports stores and online in the webshop of skibootfix.com