Buckle ski boot with less effort…

Rossignol buckle ski boot

I go on a ski trip and I bring … an E-ClicK® to buckle the ski boot You are probably wondering what an E-ClicK® is. Not surprising, because this gadget to buckle a ski boot has not been on the market for very long. With the E-ClicK® you can buckle your ski boot with less […]

Ski Boot Buckle Extension

How To Close A Ski Boot Without Strength? Follow this order and use an E-ClicK® ski boot buckle extension for extra help! Even the best skiers struggle with closing the ski boot buckle. Although tightly fitting ski boots do not have to be a hassle, every skier does experience a day on which he or […]

Ski boot buckle extender

The problem at the beginning of the skiday…    The ski boot is equipped with plastic or metal buckles, usually 4 pieces, two mounted horizontally on the foot section and two (the upper) vertically against the leg section. Tensioning the two horizontally arranged buckles is often no problem because you have to press those buckles downwards […]

Ski buckle lever: Skimums choice…

Ski buckle lever tools: and the winner is… It was a close race, but overall, our favorite ski boot buckle lever tools are the E-ClicK and Buckletite. They feel comfortable in your hand and offer the best, most stable platform. The flair on both ends just gives your hands a little bit more control when […]